Welcome to PRISM

Platform for Research In Simulation Methods

The PRISM team are leading experts in developing finite element methods for industrial (multiphase flows and nuclear engineering, train aerodynamics, flow control, road and racing car aerodynamics, marine renewables), environmental (ocean modelling, numerical weather prediction, coastal engineering) and biomedical (cardiovascular flows, electrophysiology modelling in the heart, image registration) applications.

Our team draws together expertise in designing, analysing and implementing sophisticated finite element methods, deploying these methods in a broad range of industrial, biomedical and environmental applications, and developing software tools that deliver portable parallel performance. They form the UK’s largest group of experts in developing finite element methods and software, with international reputations in high order methods, adaptivity, mesh generation. Combining these aspects allows simulations of highly complex multiscale problems that are otherwise inaccessible on available computational resources, leading to new capabilities across a broad range of engineering applications.

The  work of the PRISM team is focussed on agile synthesis of modelling techniques: flexibly selecting a combination of discretisation method, polynomial order, mesh, equation assembly algorithm, linear/nonlinear equation solver etc. to meet application-driven problem requirements and to match available hardware.

For an overview of the platform and our software projects, please see the following leaflets: