• Didem Unat (29th July 2015)
    Abstractions for Data-centric Computing

  • Jeremy Cohen (26th March 2015)
    Collaboratively building reusable job configurations for HPC

  • Florian Rathgeber
    Solving partial differential equations efficiently and productively with Firedrake and PyOP2 – and how we got there

  • Christian Jacobs (29th January 2015)
    Research data management for computational science

  • Gabriele Rocco (5th December 2014)
    Recent functionality and efficiency enhancements in Nektar++

  • Lawrence Mitchell (10th July 2014)
    The design and implementation of Firedrake and PyOP2

  • Michael Lange (29th May 2014)
    Integrating DMPlex with Firedrake to enable scalable parallel I/O