Introduction to Firedrake – tutorial at Imperial College London

Firedake team hosted an in-person tutorial at Imperial College London for new users to get to grips with Firedrake.

Tutorial contentsThe tutorial was primarily aimed at postgraduate students, especially MSc students who expect to use Firedrake in their summer projects. However, non-students are also welcome.

The group was working through the Firedrake tutorial notebooks, which were provided in advance so attendees could understand the scope of the course.

Attendees were required to bring a laptop. Installing Firedrake (see the download page for details) was optional, as it was also be possible to join the tutorial using the cloud.

Where and whenThe workshop was held on May 30 2022, in room G41 of the Royal School of Mines building on Prince Consort Road at Imperial College London. It will run from 1300-1700.