Funded Projects

The following projects have been funded by PRISM:

  • Integration of PETSc-DMPlex with Firedrake (Michael Lange, 6 months) [PDF]
  • Implementation of parallel Arnoldi solver and cylindrical coordinates in Nektar++ (Gabriele Rocco, 3 months) [PDF]
  • LLVM runtime compilation for PyOP2 and Firedrake (Florian Rathgeber, 6 months) [PDF]
  • Implementation of low and high order preconditioning strategies in Nektar++ (Andrew Comerford, 6 months) [PDF]
  • Support for the concurrent solution of PDE systems and generalization of specialist boundary conditions in Nektar++ (Gabriele Rocco, 3 months) [PDF]
  • PRAgMaTIc (Georgios Rokos, 6 months) [PDF]
  • Asymptotic parallel-in-time (APINT) development (Jemma Shipton, 1 year) [PDF]
  • Modelling plasma edge turbulence with Nektar++ (David Moxey, 6 months) [PDF]
  • Senior researcher for PRISM platform grant (Chris Cantwell, underpinning 3 years at 50%) [PDF]
  • Implementation of nonlinear optimisation strategies in Nektar++ (Hui Xu, 9 months) [PDF]
  • Enhancing configuration and use of FEM codes (Jeremy Cohen, 3 months) [PDF]
  • Advancing high-order mesh generation with NekMesh (David Moxey, 6 months) [PDF]
  • Inter-operability framework implementation of the high-order mesh generator NekMesh (Mashy Green, 6 months) [PDF]
  • Enhancing Configuration and Use of FEM Codes (Phase II Update) (Jeremy Cohen, 3 months) [PDF]
  • Adaptive mantle convection simulations at the global scale (Stephan Kramer, 6 months) [PDF]
  • Towards Exascale CFD: Avoiding Big Data with Contour Tree based in-situ Vortex Extraction (Yoshiaki Abe, 6 months) [PDF]
  • Anisotropic mesh adaptation with Pragmatic and Firedrake (Nicolas Barral, 6 months) [PDF]
  • DG methods for the Galerkin-Boltzmann equations in Nektar++ (Yan Zhang, 6 months) [PDF]