Presentations at SIAM CSE 2017

There were two presentations from the Imperial College Nektar++ group: David Moxey: “H-to-P Efficiently: The Use of Collections with Accelerators Within Nektar++” in the minisymposium “Efficiency of High-Order Methods on the 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Phi Processor” (MS15) Martin Vymazal: “Towards combined CG-DG for elliptic problems” in the minisymposium “Recent Developments in Discontinuous Galerkin Methods”.

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Talk by Michael Bader

ADER-DG – a high-order, compute-bound scheme for future supercomputers? When: Thursday 15th December, 4pm Where: Imperial College London, Huxley 311 Supercomputers of the current petascale and future exascale class are posing new requirements on simulation software. Besides demands for energy efficiency or resiliency, a key requirement on exascale-ready numerical schemes is posed by the trend […]

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